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Today's energy saving tip ...

Turn lights off when a room is empty. Use natural light as much as possible. If you use a light for an average of four hours or more a day, fit an energy saving light bulb. It will use around a quarter of the electricity and will last ten times longer than an ordinary bulb.

More energy saving tips ...

Benefits of saving energy at home ...

Why do you want to save energy at home?

Following huge increases in energy prices over the last few years, most of us are motivated by the need to reduce our energy bills and save money.

Thankfully, thats not difficult or expensive to achieve and, in fact, you don't need to spend any money to see a real reduction in your gas and electricity bills. The energy saving tips on this site can save you hundreds of pounds a year simply by changing your energy habits and investing a small amount in simple DIY products to make your home more energy efficient.

But in addition to a reduction in your household expenses, you can benefit in a number of others ways...

Make your house easier to sell!

An added benefit of making your home more energy efficient is that it may be easier to sell.

All homes being sold in the UK have to give energy rating information to potential buyers. This rating will compare the efficiency of your home to others of the same type and may become an important buying feature as the cost of running a home continues to increase.

Research by The Energy Saving Trust showed that nearly 7 out of 10 Britons believe that homes with energy saving features are worth paying more money for. Almost half (44%) are willing to pay an additional £5,000 - £10,000 for a green home built to high environmental standards.

Cut your council tax bill

Under a recent scheme, buying discounted cavity wall insulation for your home can cut your council tax bill by up to £100.

To find out what grants and offers are available in your area, visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

Do your bit for the environment

We've all heard of Global Warming and scientists agree that the planet is rapidly getting warmer which is beginning to effect us all.

The chief cause of this warming effect is increased levels of Carbondioxide in the atmosphere creating the 'Greenhouse Effect'. In the UK, 27% of carbon emmissions are generated by our homes so any efficiency improvements you make will have a positive and lasting impact on reducing this figure.

Energy Saving Tip: When cooking, choose a saucepan that covers the cooker ring and don't let the gas flame lick up the side of it. Use a saucepad lid wherever possible.