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Today's energy saving tip ...

Turn lights off when a room is empty. Use natural light as much as possible. If you use a light for an average of four hours or more a day, fit an energy saving light bulb. It will use around a quarter of the electricity and will last ten times longer than an ordinary bulb.

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Where to get local energy saving advice ...

The UK Government has invested millions in energy efficiency schemes, grants and incentives to help us all go green at home and meet its own energy targets.

As part of this push, there are now numerous sources of free advice and information on all aspects of saving energy at home.

One of the best resources is the Energy Saving Trust website at You can also get energy efficiency advice via the Simple Energy Advice website at or by calling their helpline on 0800 444202.

Your local council

Different local authorities have different schemes and incentives to help residents save energy and money. Contact your council for free advice and information specific to your area.

Your energy supplier

It might seem strange for an energy supplier to provide energy saving advice, but energy companies are obliged to help the Government meet efficiency targets. Most suppliers offer free advice, information packs and discounts on energy saving products such as light bulbs and insulation.

Energy Saving Tip: Turning your central heating thermostat down by just 1 degree can save up to 10% on your fuel bills.