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Today's energy saving tip ...

Switch off all electrical appliances at the plug instead of using the standby function.

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Where to get local energy saving advice ...

The UK Government has invested millions in energy efficiency schemes, grants and incentives to help us all go green at home and meet its own energy targets.

As part of this push, there are now numerous sources of free advice and information on all aspects of saving energy at home.

One of the best resources is your local Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre.

Your local Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre

The Energy Saving Trust is a Government funded, non-profit body and has a network of advice centres located across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Your loacl Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre can provide you with free, independent, expert advice on saving energy in your home. To contact your local advice centre, you can either call 0800 512012 or find a centre using the online map which can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Your local council

Different local authorities have different schemes and incentives to help residents save energy and money. Contact your council for free advice and information specific to your area.

Your energy supplier

It might seem strange for an energy supplier to provide energy saving advice, but energy companies are obliged to help the Government meet efficiency targets. Most suppliers offer free advice, information packs and discounts on energy saving products such as light bulbs and insulation.

Energy Saving Tip: Invest in energy saving light bulbs for your home - they last around 12 times longer than normal bulbs and use 75% less electricity, saving you around £65 over the lifespan of the bulb.