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You can save yourself £45 a year by replacing a 10 year-old fridge-freezer with a modern, energy efficient A-rated appliance.

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UK energy suppliers ...

There are currently more than twenty domestic gas and electricity suppliers in the UK.

In such a competitive market, products, offers and prices change weekly so you should shop around if you're thinking of switching energy supplier to save money on your energy bills.

The easiest way to do this is to use one of the many free online energy comparison services. They will compare your current supplier and energy use with all of the major companies in seconds. A full list of the best comparision sites is published on our compare energy prices page.

A word of caution though, an energy supplier is providing you with a service so make sure you are aware of their customer service record and standards as well as their prices. An indication of customer service history can be found at the Consumer Focus Website.

UK Energy Companies

Atlantic Electric & Gas
British Gas
EDF Energy
Good Energy Limited
Green Energy
Scottish Hydro-Electric
Scottish Power Manweb
Severn Trent Energy
Southern Electric Gas Ltd
Telecom Plus

Energy Saving Tip: A lot of heat energy is lost up the chimney flume, so if you are not using your fireplace, block up the chimney using newspaper or cardboard to save energy.