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Insulate your home to save energy and reduce your bills. Insulating your loft can save £180 a year. You may also be able to get an energy saving grants to help with the cost.

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Which is the cheapest energy supplier in the UK ...

With such volatile gas and electricity prices, finding the cheapest energy supplier in the UK is a bit like trying to hit a moving target.

After repeated headline grabbing jumps in energy prices, no doubt it would be easier to discover which is not the cheapest energy supplier in the UK!

On top of ever changing prices and company merges, the cheapest tariff for one customer won't always be the same for another. But the scale of gas and electricity price inflation over recent years means that despite so many variables to consider it is still worth the effort as you could save around £100 per year on average by switching to the cheapest energy company according to Ofgem.

How to find the cheapest energy supplier in the UK?

The most effective way to discover the cheapest energy supplier for you is to use one of the free energy price comparison websites. Simply by entering your post code and a few details about your previous energy bills, you can see a list of companies on your screen in seconds sorted by price. But which sites are the best?

The crucial points to remember when using an online energy comparison service are to make sure they have signed up to the Ofgem Confidence Code and that you also consider the customer service record of any energy supplier you shortlist.

Ofgem is an industry watchdog that monitors the performance of UK energy companies. The Ofgem Confidence Code is a code of practice to ensure that consumers consistently get accurate, transparent and complete information from price comparison services. Comparison services that have signed up to this code are listed on our compare energy prices page.

Ofgem also maintains a record of complaints received for all energy suppliers in relation to billing, direct sales and customer service. You can search the records at the Ofgem website.

Energy Saving Tip: Invest in energy saving light bulbs for your home - they last around 12 times longer than normal bulbs and use 75% less electricity, saving you around £65 over the lifespan of the bulb.