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Today's energy saving tip ...

Switch off all electrical appliances at the plug instead of using the 'standby' function. Appliances are still using electricity when on 'standby', and account for a massive 6% of all electricity usage in the home.

More energy saving tips ...

How to get cheaper energy bills ...

Have you ever wondered how energy efficient your home is?

Rising energy bills have become a powerful incentive to look at our homes in a different light and one of the easiest means of reducing your bills can be to switch to a cheaper provider.

Since 1999, UK energy customers have enjoyed an open utility market and can switch to any energy supplier free of charge.

If your happy with your supplier or have switched recently, your energy provider can be a great source of free advice on reducing your bills. Many companies have gone out of their way to provide free information, energy saving products and efficiency grants to their customers.

Finding the cheapest energy supplier

Thanks to the internet and a competitive energy market, it's never been easier to compare your gas and electricity provider with the entire market and switch to a cheaper energy supplier.

Whilst switching your energy supplier is far easier than it used to be, the process is not something you'll want to be repeating too often if prices continue to rise and companies compete to offer the cheapest tariffs.

For a comprehensive list of online comparison services that will help you to quickly compare energy prices and suppliers, visit our compare energy prices page.

Considering capped energy prices as a longer term solution

The scale of energy price rises and increased competition has forced suppliers to be more imaginative with their tariffs. The latest deals are capped or price protected tarrifs that fix your energy bills for up to four years.

Although these tariffs are higher than standard prices they are worth considering as an alternative to switching supplier every time prices rise. With energy shortages likely to continue and further increases expected, capped tariff deals can offer peace of mind and a real long term alternative.

A word of caution though, make sure you are not tied into any capped energy tariff and that there are no penalties for cancellation or switching back to standard rates or another supplier.

Energy Saving Tip: Letter boxes and key holes can let in draughts. Fit a nylon brush seal or a spring flap and put a cover over a key hole to keep the heat in.