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Remember to turn gadgets and appliances off at the plug after use rather than leaving them on standby.

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Save money with alternative energy sources ...

It's never been easier or cheaper to start using alternative energy in your home.

The pressure on UK energy consumers following multiple price rises has created a surge in demand for energy saving technology and interest in self sufficiency.

As the global demand for energy soars and the traditional resources to supply it dwindle, the need for cheaper and more sustainable sources of energy will only increase.

Although only around 3% of energy used in the UK currently comes from renewable sources, the Government is legally committed to meeting 15% of the UK's energy demand from renewable sources by 2020. So now is the ideal time to learn how you can begin to integrate these new technologies into your home to save money and reduce the impact further inevitable energy shortages.

Alternative Energy Technologies

There are currently five main technologies for alternatively generated energy which can be installed and used throughout your home to compliment or replace the gas and electricity you currently use.

These sources of alternative or renewable energy are no less reliable and don't require a change of lifestyle or household appliances.

Alternative Energy Grants

The initial cost of some alternative energy systems can be high. So to encourage homeowners to install these technologies various grants are available from the Government. The main schemes available are currently called the Green Deal scheme and Feed-in Tarrifs.

These grants are available for some forms of renewable technology such as solar panels and wind turbines. To be eligible you must use an accredited installer.

Energy Saving Tip: Consider replacing any old lightbulbs with the latest energy saving versions. They can use up to 80% less energy and last around ten times longer.